Rock n’ roll is a tired old friend, limping along with a weak knee.  With the grandparents still touring, the parents reforming and the adolescents swimming in a pool of mediocrity, its essence seems to have lost its way. Thanks then, for the arrival of Huttch, the ambitious rock trio from Windsor Ontario.  Weaned on 70’s grooves, Sebastian, Robbie and Zack manage to reference the past, while giving a nod to the future. The infectious rock boogie, mixed with classic rock and slow jams, makes the perfect formula. This is authenticity at it’s best.  Seeing these guys live is an entirely different matter. Their fervent energy is palpable and they won’t let you go, until they are sure you have had enough. And it is never enough. You will leave a Huttch show with a carefree swagger you didn’t know you had.  And don’t be surprised if you start air drumming for no particular reason




Sebastian Abt / Guitar, Vocals
Zack Vivier / Bass, Vocals
Robbie Cervi / Drums, Vocals





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Sheila Roberts