Ambitious Canadian rock band has managed to reference the past while giving nods to the future of Rock ‘n’ Roll. Sebastian, Zack, and Robbie are the creators of catchy feel-good vibe melodies, endlessly entertaining live performances. The band has been hard at work since forming in 2014. They have put out a 6 song EP and released their first full-length album “Huttchino”. They have toured across north america and have shared the stage with bands including Mudhoney, Simple Plan, Julien Barbagallo, Sugar Candy Mountain and many others. HUTTCH‘s main influences draw from the 70’s rock era with bands like The Eagles, Electric Light Orchestra, and modern pop-rockers Weezer, and Twin Peaks. Creating an infectious rock boogie that everyone can take away from.

HUTTCH’s most recent album "Huttchino", was released June 1st 2018 and features 11 songs written by the band. When it came to recording and producing, HUTTCH used various engineers across Ontario, In charge of mixing was Clifton Broadbridge and working closely with Eddie Kramer(Jimi Hedrix, The Beatles, Led Zeppelin). Mastering was completed by Pete Lyman of Infrasonic Sound in Los Angeles, CA. The benefits of using multiple different talents in creating the record is apparent in the songs. HUTTCH invites you to join them in the land of “Huttchino”.